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Personal Charitable Commitments

Personally, I have been involved in organizing Extra Life Gaming Marathons for over 10 years in support of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Prior to COVID restrictions, this would be both an online and in-person event, with different games being played by donors in different rooms of my home. I have raised at least $500 per year and over $6000 total. 

While working for Nationwide Insurance, I assisted in organizing our fundraising activities for Operation Feed, which benefited the Mid Ohio Food Bank. I have also volunteered countless hours at the Mid Ohio Food Bank’s warehouse, processing food donations from both grocery stores and individuals.

After the death of my mother from Ovarian Cancer at the end of 2015, I began working with the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio (OCAO) as a volunteer, where I became progressively more involved. I became one of the event planners for the annual Strides for Hope 5K Walk in 2016. The following year, I became co-chair for the Strides for Hope 5K Walk and joined the Board of Directors for the OCAO as a Member-at-Large. I then began planning and hosting my own fundraising activities. I held Zumbathons in 2016 and 2017, which collectively raised just under $1000. In 2017, I became the first Fundraising Director for the OCAO and took over the organization’s social media program. I had the website redesigned for ease of use, which resulted in an increase in website traffic and donations. In 2018 I expanded my fundraising activities to include a Cookbook, Monthly Themed Trivia Nights, and other activities which raised over $7000. 2019 saw continued growth, and I helped raise over $30,000 for the OCAO in addition to the money raised in the Strides for Hope 5K Walk. At the end of 2019, I became Vice President of the OCAO. .

Kelli and myself at the OCRA Conference Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance in Seattle

At the beginning of 2020, myself and my fellow board member Kelli (OCAO’s Treasurer and Education Chair) spearheaded a financial aid program that we are very proud of at the OCAO. The goal of this program is to help women with ovarian cancer and their families get through treatment. We have been able to help these women by getting them things like gas gift cards to get them to and from treatment and grocery store gift cards to ensure they have food on the table.

In late 2018, I joined the Board of Directors at MadLab Theatre as their Fundraising Director. I create interactive at-the-door fundraisers that are tailored to fit the themes of the shows currently playing. I have planned and hosted A Night of Hope, a cabaret-style show that was a joint fundraiser with the OCAO. I worked with the Artistic Director and the Ensemble to create a plan for the Big Give, a statewide fundraiser that raised over $5000 in a day for MadLab. I actively search for grants to aid the theatre with things like technology and general operations and assist fellow board members in completing the grant applications. In 2019 I became the Vice Chair for MadLab. In 2021 I became the Chair, where I continue to focus on the importance of Fundraising during the Covid-19 era.

Jessica and Marianne hosting a Night of Hope. Dual fundraiser for MadLab and the OCAO.
Jessica and Marianne hosting a “Night of Hope” a dual fundraiser for MadLab and OCAO.

Grant Writing Initiative

I have completed nine grants since the start of 2019 for both the OCAO and MadLab Theatre. I have also assisted multiple people with personal grant applications. Two grants for MadLab were awarded a larger amount than requested based on the quality and presentation of the grant. Every grant I have written or assisted with has resulted in funding being given. 

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